The MACK system is based on a linked, modular design, with no fixed mechanical connection between the modules. All connections are over link-cables. EMC line filter, in-rush and regen circuits are all provided on the MACK POWER module and shared by the connected MACK DRIVE units.

MACK DRIVE configurations

• 2, 4, 6 and 8 Amp ratings on the 300V DC bus
• 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 5 and 7 Amp rating on the 600V DC bus

MACK POWER configurations

• Single-phase 230Vac, 2500W
• 3-phase 230Vac, 4500W
• 3-phase 400Vac, 4500W

Standard Features

• Several DRIVES powered by one POWER unit
• EMC line filter, in-rush and regen circuits on-board
• USB single cable access for setting and monitoring all drives
• Single, hybrid, cable for motor connection
• Speeder-One software interface
• Optical isolation between power stage and signals
• Operating frequency 8kHz
• Current loop bandwidth 2kHz
• Velocity loop bandwidth 200Hz
• Differential analogue input
• Serial encoder feedback


• Pulse and Direction control mode
• CANbus
• EtherCAT
• Absolute multi-turn encoder feedback
• ComCoder feedback (encoder with commutation tracks)
• Motor holding brake control
• STO Safe Torque Off, safety function
• Extended I/O
• Emmulated Encoder Output


• Wood working machines
• Machine tools
• Transfer machines
• Printing Machines
• Textile Machines
• Coding Machines
• Conveyors
• Packaging Machines
• Sewing Machines
• Jewellery Machines
• Actuators
• Door operators
• Antenna positioning
• CNC controlled axis
• Battery operated Equipment
• Upgrade replacement for stepper systems

The MACK system is complemented with a range of brushless servomotors from 1 to 11Nm. The motors feature AXOR’s proprietary MACK serial encoder enabling the connection of motor and drive via a single, hybrid cable.

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