Fuji Techno HYS-B, C and D Super Metering Pumps

Super Metering Pumps are precision instruments for feeding liquids accurately, at pre-determined volume, into a process or system. The accuracy is essential for applications such as micro-reactors and continuous flow reactors.

The HYS-B series super metering pumps (SMP) offer a solution for accurate pumping and dosing applications for small to medium scale production.

The HYS-B, C and D series SMPs provide flow rates from around 1L/min up to 15.8L/min, 35.6L/min and 117.8L/min respectively at discharge pressures up to 147Bar.

There is also a special version of the HYS-C pump capable of delivering 0.1L/min at pressures up to 2000Bar (29000PSI).

There are various metalic liquid head types available for different applications including Stainless Steel (SUS316), Hastelloy and Titanium.


  • High accuracy & stability (±0.1%)
  • Stable flow volume even with variation in suction and/or discharge pressure
  • High stability of flow volume even with changing viscosity
  • Flow volume directly proportional to pump rotation
  • Suitable for pumping slurries (application dependant)
  • Wide temperature range possible
  • Heating & cooling jackets available
  • Purging & cleaning options
  • Complete motor (also ATEX), drive & turn-key systems


  • Heating & cooling jackets
  • Purging & cleaning systems
  • Complete motorised pump units

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