R+W has developed by far the most compact elastomer coupling coupling on the market

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Torque Limiter and Safety Couplings. The new backlash-free overload protection

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The new generation of backlash-free, press-fit metal Bellows Couplings

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R + W Line Shafts, Torque Limiters and Shaft Couplings

R+W offers state of the art Shaft Couplings according to your requirements: Torque Limiters, Bellows Couplings, Miniature Couplings, Elastomer Couplings, Servo Couplings, Linear Couplings and Line Shafts.
All couplings are torsion proof and backlash-free.

R+W couplings fulfil the highest requirements and they are wear- and maintenance-free.
The R+W headquarter is in Klingenberg, Germany with two branches in the USA and China. R+W is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide.