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We have been providing servo, stepper and motion control components for over 25 years and over the years our product offering has changed and expanded. We can however still provide support and spares for a wide range of products and we have produced a reference list for your convenience.


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Product Status

Current - Product still manufactured and fully supported
Legacy - Product still manufactured and supported, but for spares only, consider upgrade
Obsolete - Product no longer manufactured, limited stock and support, suggest planning towards replacement
Terminated - Product not available, limited support,  look for alternative solution


Product Description Stock Code Manufacturer Product Status
01S-M150/15-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/15A/PSU/BAL FD-05002 SEIDEL Terminated
01S-M150/8-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/8A/PSU/BAL FD-05008 SEIDEL Terminated
01S-M200/13.5-1Q-P-MT DC-Brushed (Special) FD-05506 SEIDEL Terminated
01S-SPA-ESM 2030 DV Transistor for 01S FP-05000 SEIDEL Terminated
02S-M30/5-PB Servodrive 30/5  FD-05015 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-M150/15-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/15A/PSU/BAL FD-05022 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-M150/8-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/8A/PSU/BAL FD-05020 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-M240/15-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/15A/PSU/BAL FD-05026 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-M240/8-PB Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/8A/PSU/BAL FD-05024 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-P150/30-B Power Supply 150V / 30A / BAL FZ-51010 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-P150/30-B Power Supply 150V / 30A / BAL  FZ-51010 SEIDEL Obsolete
03S-P240/30-B Power Supply 240V / 30A / BAL FZ-51012 SEIDEL Obsolete
04S-M60/12-PB Servodrive 60/12  FD-05031 SEIDEL Terminated
04S-M60/8-PB Servodrive 60/8  FD-05030 SEIDEL Terminated
110 VSX Gearbox GIRARD     Terminated
1200-150/8-B Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/18A/PSU/BAL FD-06052 SEIDEL Legacy
17PL030/DT3-EH17 24V DC Servomotor Motor Technology   SIBONI Current
20K-200/100-B    SEIDEL Legacy
20K-200/70-B    SEIDEL Legacy
220-HS-1CH/1-360P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84000 BEC Obsolete
230-HS-QUAD/1-100P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84002 BEC Obsolete
2800-100/17 Servodrive DC-Brushed/100/17A (Special) FD-06054 SEIDEL Legacy
2800-170/17 Servodrive    SEIDEL Legacy
2800-SPA-41-PC 8202.01B Drive Card for 2800 Amplifier FP-06003 SEIDEL Legacy
2800-SPA-ESM 2878 Transistor for 2800 Amplifier FP-06004 SEIDEL Legacy
3.5.487.0021 - SM56-S-2000-J Motor    SCHIWA Terminated - GS1-06 Drive   SCHIWA Terminated - MPS 22-100-009 (54 2100 1008) Power Supply Unit    HALTEC Terminated - Keyboard / Display Controller Board    SCHIWA Terminated - TSR 735S-5/15A (53 1620 1003) Power Supply Unit    HALTEC Terminated - 56WK-P240/80-B Power Supply     SCHIWA Terminated - 60WKS Drive    SCHIWA Terminated
35 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
3BRS 71 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 6.00Nm/3000rpm IM-10005 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Obsolete
3BRS 71 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 3.80Nm/3000rpm IM-10004 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Obsolete
3BRS 90 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 16.0Nm/3000rpm IM-10008 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Obsolete
45 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
4K-P150/90-B Power Supply 240V / 90A / BAL  FZ-51020 SEIDEL Terminated
4K-P240/90-B Power Supply 240V / 90A / BAL FZ-51022 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS/03S-P Drive Assembly (LL Ref. V901254) MZ-70000 Motor Technology Terminated
4KS-M150/15 Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/15A  FD-05052 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M150/25 Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/25A FD-05054 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M150/35 Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/35A FD-05056 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M150/35-24V Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/35A  FD-05056 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M150/40 Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/40A FD-05068 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M150/7.5 Servodrive DC-Brushed/150V/7.5A FD-05050 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M240/10 Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/10A  FD-05061 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M240/20 Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/20A  FD-05062 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M240/30 Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/30A  FD-05066 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M240/40 Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/40A  FD-05068 SEIDEL Terminated
4KS-M240/5 Servodrive DC-Brushed/240V/5A  FD-05058 SEIDEL Terminated
5000-170/17-B    SEIDEL Legacy
5000-170/25-B    SEIDEL Legacy
5000-170/40-B    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-150/10    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-150/20    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-150/30    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-150/40    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-240/10    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-240/20    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-240/30    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-240/40    SEIDEL Legacy
54K-P150/80-B Power Supply 150V / 80A / BAL    SEIDEL Terminated
54K-P240/80-B Power Supply 150V / 80A / BAL    SEIDEL Terminated
55 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
55K-240/10    SEIDEL Terminated
55K-240/15    SEIDEL Terminated
55K-240/5    SEIDEL Terminated
56WK-P150/80-B Power Supply 150V / 80A / BAL FZ-51050 SEIDEL Terminated
56WK-P150/80-B Power Supply 150V / 80A / BAL  FZ-51050 SEIDEL Terminated
56WK-P240/80-B Power Supply 240V / 80A / BAL FZ-51052 SEIDEL Terminated
56WK-P240/80-B Power Supply 240V / 80A / BAL  FZ-51052 SEIDEL Terminated
5K-200/10-B    SEIDEL Terminated
5K-200/25-B    SEIDEL Terminated
5K-200/35-B    SEIDEL Terminated
60WKS-CE240/12-PB Servodrive 240V/12A/PSU/BAL  FD-01022-CE SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-CE240/22-PB Servodrive 240V/22A/PSU/BAL  FD-01024-CE SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-CE240/26-PB Servodrive 240V/26A/PSU/BAL  FD-01026-CE SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-CE240/6-PB Servodrive 240V/6A/PSU/BAL  FD-01020-CE SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/12-PB Servodrive TR-Brushless/240V/12A/PSU/BAL FD-01022 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/22-PB Servodrive TR-Brushless/240V/22A/PSU/BAL FD-01024 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/26-PB Servodrive TR-Brushless/240V/26A/PSU/BAL FD-01026 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/3-PB Servodrive TR-Brushless/240V/3A/PSU/BAL FD-01019 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/6-PB Servodrive 240V/6A/PSU/BAL  FD-01020 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-M240/6-PB-24 Servodrive TR-Brushless/240V/6A/PB/24V FD-01500 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-SPA-ESM 3045 DV Transistor for 60WKS FP-01002 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-SPA-ESM 4045 DV Transistor for 60WKS FP-01003 SEIDEL Legacy
60WKS-SPA-ESM 6045 DV Transistor for 60WKS FP-01004 SEIDEL Legacy
63 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
631-001-230-F Servodrive 1A/230V with CE Filters  UD-03050 EUROTHER Obsolete
631-002-230-F Servodrive 2A/230V with CE Filters  UD-03051 EUROTHER Obsolete
631-004-230-F Servodrive 4A/230V with CE Filters  UD-03052 EUROTHER Obsolete
631-006-230-F Servodrive 6A/230V with CE Filters  UD-03053 EUROTHER Obsolete
635 Servodrive K-DER 03.A3  UD-03000 EUROTHER Legacy
635 Servodrive K-DER 05.A3  UD-03001 EUROTHER Legacy
635 Servodrive K-DER 07.A3  UD-03002 EUROTHER Legacy
635 Servodrive K-DER 10.A3  UD-03003 EUROTHER Legacy
637+ Samson K-D6R04.S3-7 Drive  UD-03031-PLUS EUROTHER Legacy
637+ Samson K-D6R10.S3-7 Drive  UD-03033-PLUS EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R02.S3-7  UD-03030 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R04.S3-7  UD-03031 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R06.S3-7  UD-03032 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R10.S3-7  UD-03033 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R16.S3-7  UD-03034 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R22.S3-7  UD-03035 EUROTHER Legacy
637plus Servodrive K-D6R30.S3-7  UD-03036 EUROTHER Legacy
64WKS-M240/50-RLG Servodrive 240V/50A  FD-01030 SEIDEL Terminated
64WKS-M240/70 Servodrive 240V/70A  FD-01032 SEIDEL Terminated
65WKS-M310/12-PB-0 Servodrive 310V/12A/PSU/BAL  FD-01047 SEIDEL Obsolete
65WKS-M310/22-PB-0 Servodrive 310V/22A/PSU/BAL  FD-01048-CE SEIDEL Obsolete
65WKS-M310/26-PB-0 Servodrive 310V/26A/PSU/BAL  FD-01049-CE SEIDEL Obsolete
65WKS-M310/3-PB-0 Servodrive SI-Brushl/CE/310V/3A/PSU/BAL FD-01045-CE SEIDEL Obsolete
65WKS-M310/6-PB-0 Servodrive SI-Brushl/CE/310V/6A/PSU/BAL FD-01046-CE SEIDEL Obsolete
66WKS-M310/35 Servodrive SI-Brushl/CE/310V/35A FD-01200-CE SEIDEL Terminated
66WKS-M310/45 Servodrive SI-Brushl/CE/310V/45A FD-01201-CE SEIDEL Terminated
66WKS-P310/90-B Power Supply 310V / 90A / BAL FZ-51060 SEIDEL Terminated
67WKS-M240/3-PB Servodrive 240V/3A/PSU/BAL  FD-01000 SEIDEL Terminated
67WKS-OPT-B Ballast Circuit FO-01001 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Terminated
6SM 100 K-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 25.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10330 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 100 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 57.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10333 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 100 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 46.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10332 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 100 S-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 36.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10331 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 109 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 93Nm/600V FM-10381 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 109 LB-2000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 124Nm/600V FM-10382 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 109 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 49Nm/600V FM-10380 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 132 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 100.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10340 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 27 M-4000 Servomotor 0.32Nm/0.8A/4000rpm/600V  FM-10400 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 27 M-4000-G Servomotor SI-Brushless 0.32Nm/600V/HB FM-10360 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 37 L-4000-G Servomotor SI-Brushless 1.5Nm/600V/HB FM-10363 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 37 M-6000 Servomotor 1Nm/1.6A/6000rpm/600V  FM-10406 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 37 M-6000-G Servomotor SI-Brushless 1Nm/600V/HB FM-10362 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 37 S-6000 Servomotor 0.5Nm/1A/6000rpm/600V  FM-10405 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 37 S-6000-G Servomotor SI-Brushless 0.5Nm/600V/HB FM-10361 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 45 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 3.2Nm/3000/600V FM-10302 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 45 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 1.7Nm/3000/600V FM-10301 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 45 S-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 0.85Nm/3000/600V FM-10300 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 56 L-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 10Nm/3000/600V FM-10312 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 56 M-3000 Servomotor 7Nm/3000/600V  FM-10311 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 56 S-3000 Servomotor 3.8Nm/3000/600V  FM-10310 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 57 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 8.00Nm/600V FM-10371 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 57 S-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 4.6Nm/600V FM-10370 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 71 K-3000 Servomotor 10.5Nm/3000/600V  FM-10315 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 71 M-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 22.0Nm/3000/600V FM-10322 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 71 S-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 16.5Nm/3000/600V FM-10321 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
6SM 77 K-3000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 11Nm/600V FM-10375 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
700-60/12-B Servodrive DC-Brushed/60V/12A/PSU/BAL FD-06050 SEIDEL Legacy
711-SQ-1CH/1-1270P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84010 BEC Current
716-SQ-QUAD/1-1270P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84011 BEC Current
725-QUAD+M/300-2000P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84030 BEC Current
725-ROD-QUAD+M/2048-3200P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84031 BEC Current
725-ROD-QUAD+M/3600-6000P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84032 BEC Current
731-ROD-1CH/1-1600P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84020 BEC Current
732-ROD-QUAD/1-1600P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84021 BEC Current
733-ROD-1CH+M/1-1600P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84022 BEC Current
734-ROD-QUAD+M/1-1600P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84023 BEC Current
735-ROD-QUAD+M/-2500P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84024 BEC Current
741-HOH-1CH/1-1250P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84050 BEC Current
742-HOH-QUAD/1-1250P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84051 BEC Current
743-HOH-1CH+M/1-1250P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84052 BEC Current
744-HOH-QUAD+M/1-1250P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84053 BEC Current
745-HOH-QUAD+M/-2500P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84054 BEC Current
75 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
755A-QUAD+M/100-1000P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84040 BEC Current
755A-QUAD+M/1024-1800P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84041 BEC Current
755A-QUAD+M/2000-2500P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84042 BEC Current
755A-ROD 1000PPR Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84100 BEC Current
755A-ROD 1200PPR Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84101 BEC Current
755A-SM-QUAD+M/100-1000P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84043 BEC Current
755A-SM-QUAD+M/1024-1800P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84044 BEC Current
755A-SM-QUAD+M/2000-2500P Optical Incremental Encoder BF-84045 BEC Current
7SA B14/M71 180V 3000prm - Penta Motor               Penta  Current
90 VSX Gearbox    GIRARD Terminated
APOLLO DER-N 03.A3 2.5A/300V 19-3HU/Digital Drive UD-03005 ASB Legacy
APOLLO DER-N 05.A3 5A/300V 19-3HU/Digital Drive UD-03006 ASB Legacy
APOLLO DER-N 07.A3 6.5A/300V 19-3HU/Digital Drive UD-03007 ASB Legacy
APOLLO DER-N 10.A3 10A/300V 19-3HU/Digital Drive UD-03008 ASB Legacy
APOLLO K-DER 03.A3 2.5A/300V 1Axis/Digital Drive UD-03000 ASB Legacy
APOLLO K-DER 05.A3 5A/300V 1Axis/Digital Drive UD-03001 ASB Legacy
APOLLO K-DER 07.A3 6.5A/300V 1Axis/Digital Drive UD-03002 ASB Legacy
APOLLO K-DER 10.A3 10A/300V 1Axis/Digital Drive UD-03003 ASB Legacy
AX2001 Beckhoff Servodrive (Seidel Servostar 601)    SEIDEL Legacy
AX2003 Beckhoff Servodrive (Seidel Servostar 603)    SEIDEL Legacy
AX2006 Beckhoff Servodrive (Seidel Servostar 606)    SEIDEL Legacy
AX2010 Beckhoff Servodrive (Seidel Servostar 610)    SEIDEL Legacy
AX2020 Beckhoff Servodrive (Seidel Servostar 620)    SEIDEL Legacy
B29D6Z6M4A050000 Lafert motor  XM-10002 EUROSERVO Legacy
BGT 600.1 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 18(30)Nm NG-15005 Motor Technology Terminated
BGT 600.2 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 28(45)Nm NG-15006 Motor Technology Terminated
BGT 600.3 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 40(70)Nm NG-15007 Motor Technology Terminated
BGT 800.1 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 35(60)Nm NG-15010 Motor Technology Terminated
BGT 800.2 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 50(90)Nm NG-15011 Motor Technology Terminated
BGT 800.3 Planetary Gearbox Backlash < 20min, 70(130)Nm NG-15012 Motor Technology Terminated
BH622B-G Goldline Brushless Servomotor with Holding Brake  FM-11000 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
BHL 12/30-300-R4 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/4POLE UD-01002 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 12/30-300-R6 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/6POLE UD-01012 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 12/30-300-RR BL/RES/Programable Servodrive UD-01022 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 12/30-300-T BL/HALL+TACHO Servodrive UD-01052 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 20/50-300-R4 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/4POLE UD-01003 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 20/50-300-R6 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/6POLE UD-01013 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 20/50-300-RR BL/RES/Programable Servodrive UD-01023 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 20/50-300-T BL/HALL+TACHO Servodrive UD-01053 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 27/55-300-R4 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/4POLE UD-01004 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 27/55-300-R6 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/6POLE UD-01014 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 27/55-300-RR BL/RES/Programable Servodrive UD-01024 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 27/55-300-T BL/HALL+TACHO Servodrive UD-01054 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 5/12-300-R4 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/4POLE UD-01000 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 5/12-300-R6 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/6POLE UD-01010 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 5/12-300-RR BL/RES/Programable Servodrive UD-01020 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 5/12-300-T BL/HALL+TACHO Servodrive UD-01050 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 8/20-300-R4 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/4POLE UD-01001 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 8/20-300-R6 BL/RES Servodrive 1024/6POLE UD-01011 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 8/20-300-RR BL/RES/Programable Servodrive UD-01021 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHL 8/20-300-T BL/HALL+TACHO Servodrive UD-01051 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHT 71-20/4000 Servomotor BL/H+T/560V/TB+FBC UM-10900-RMC PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHW 12/30-150 DC-Servodrive Module UD-05002 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHW 20/50-200 DC-Servodrive Module UD-05003 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHW 27/55-200 DC-Servodrive Module UD-05004 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHW 5/12-150 DC-Servodrive Module UD-05000 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BHW 8/20-150 DC-Servodrive Module UD-05001 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BK1-015 Bellows Coupling  RK-45000 R+W Current
BK1-020 Bellows Coupling  RK-45001 R+W Current
BK1-030 Bellows Coupling  RK-45002 R+W Current
BK1-040 Bellows Coupling  RK-45003 R+W Current
BK1-060 Bellows Coupling  RK-45004 R+W Current
BK1-080 Bellows Coupling  RK-45005 R+W Current
BK1-10000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45016 R+W Current
BK1-1200 Bellows Coupling  RK-45011 R+W Current
BK1-150 Bellows Coupling  RK-45006 R+W Current
BK1-1500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45012 R+W Current
BK1-200 Bellows Coupling  RK-45007 R+W Current
BK1-2500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45013 R+W Current
BK1-300 Bellows Coupling  RK-45008 R+W Current
BK1-4000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45014 R+W Current
BK1-500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45009 R+W Current
BK1-6000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45015 R+W Current
BK1-800 Bellows Coupling  RK-45010 R+W Current
BK2-015 Bellows Coupling  RK-45020 R+W Current
BK2-020 Bellows Coupling  RK-45021 R+W Current
BK2-030 Bellows Coupling  RK-45022 R+W Current
BK2-040 Bellows Coupling  RK-45023 R+W Current
BK2-060 Bellows Coupling  RK-45024 R+W Current
BK2-080 Bellows Coupling  RK-45025 R+W Current
BK2-150 Bellows Coupling  RK-45026 R+W Current
BK2-1500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45031 R+W Current
BK2-200 Bellows Coupling  RK-45027 R+W Current
BK2-300 Bellows Coupling  RK-45028 R+W Current
BK2-500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45029 R+W Current
BK2-800 Bellows Coupling  RK-45030 R+W Current
BK3-015 Bellows Coupling  RK-45040 R+W Current
BK3-020 Bellows Coupling  RK-45041 R+W Current
BK3-030 Bellows Coupling  RK-45042 R+W Current
BK3-040 Bellows Coupling  RK-45043 R+W Current
BK3-060 Bellows Coupling  RK-45044 R+W Current
BK3-080 Bellows Coupling  RK-45045 R+W Current
BK3-10000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45056 R+W Current
BK3-1200 Bellows Coupling  RK-45051 R+W Current
BK3-150 Bellows Coupling  RK-45046 R+W Current
BK3-1500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45052 R+W Current
BK3-200 Bellows Coupling  RK-45047 R+W Current
BK3-2500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45053 R+W Current
BK3-300 Bellows Coupling  RK-45048 R+W Current
BK3-4000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45054 R+W Current
BK3-500 Bellows Coupling  RK-45049 R+W Current
BK3-6000 Bellows Coupling  RK-45055 R+W Current
BK3-800 Bellows Coupling  RK-45050 R+W Current
BK4-015 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45060 R+W Current
BK4-030 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45061 R+W Current
BK4-060 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45062 R+W Current
BK4-080 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45063 R+W Current
BK5-015 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45070 R+W Current
BK5-020 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45071 R+W Current
BK5-030 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45072 R+W Current
BK5-040 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45073 R+W Current
BK5-060 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45074 R+W Current
BK5-080 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45075 R+W Current
BK5-150 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45076 R+W Current
BK5-300 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45077 R+W Current
BK5-500 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45078 R+W Current
BK6-015 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45080 R+W Current
BK6-030 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45081 R+W Current
BK6-060 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45082 R+W Current
BK6-150 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45083 R+W Current
BK6-300 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45084 R+W Current
BK6-500 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45085 R+W Current
BK7-015 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45090 R+W Current
BK7-030 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45091 R+W Current
BK7-060 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45092 R+W Current
BK7-150 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45093 R+W Current
BK7-300 Bellows Coupling PI  RK-45094 R+W Current
BKL-002 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45100 R+W Current
BKL-0045 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45101 R+W Current
BKL-010 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45102 R+W Current
BKL-015 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45103 R+W Current
BKL-030 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45101 R+W Current
BKL-060 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45102 R+W Current
BKL-080 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45103 R+W Current
BKL-150 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45104 R+W Current
BKL-300 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45105 R+W Current
BKL-4.5 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45096 R+W Current
BKL-500 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45106 R+W Current
BKL-500 LC-Bellows Coupling  RK-45109 R+W Current
BM3510 Magnetic Rod 500mm  LF-86030 LENORD + BAUER Current
BM3515 Magnetic Rod 1000mm  LF-86031 LENORD + BAUER Current
BM3520 Magnetic Rod 1500mm  LF-86032 LENORD + BAUER Current
BM3525 Magnetic Rod 2000mm  LF-86035 LENORD + BAUER Current
BMZ 100-14/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10075 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-14/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10076 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-14/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10077 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-20/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10080 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-20/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10081 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-20/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10082 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-27/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10085 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-27/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10086 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-27/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10087 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-34/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10090 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-34/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10091 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-34/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10092 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-48/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10093 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-48/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10094 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-61/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10095 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-61/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10096 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-75/1200 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10097 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 100-75/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10098 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D2/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10000 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D2/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10001 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D2/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10002 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D2/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10003 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D3/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10005 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D3/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10006 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D3/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10007 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D3/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10008 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D5/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10010 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D5/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10011 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D5/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10012 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D5/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10013 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D6/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10015 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D6/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10016 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D6/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10017 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 29-D6/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/PBC+FBC UM-10018 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-01/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10025 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-01/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10026 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-01/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10027 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-01/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10028 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-02/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10030 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-02/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10031 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-02/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10032 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-02/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10033 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-D6/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10020 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-D6/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10021 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-D6/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10022 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 56-D6/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10023 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-02/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10035 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-02/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10036 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-02/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10037 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-02/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10038 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-04/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10040 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-04/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10041 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-04/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10042 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-04/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10043 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-06/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10045 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-06/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10046 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-06/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10047 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-06/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10048 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-08/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10050 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-08/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10051 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-08/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10052 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 63-08/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10053 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-08/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10055 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-08/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10056 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-08/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10057 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-08/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10058 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-12/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10060 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-12/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10061 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-12/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10062 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-12/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10063 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-16/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10065 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-16/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10066 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-16/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10067 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-16/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10068 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-20/2000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10070 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-20/3000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10071 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-20/4000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10072 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BMZ 71-20/6000 Servomotor BL/RES/310V/TB+FBC UM-10073 Lafert / EUROSERVO Legacy
BRS 12/30-220 Servodrive TR-Brushless/300V/MOD/ROD ID-01002 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BRS 20/50-220 Servodrive TR-Brushless/300V/MOD/ROD ID-01003 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BRS 27/55-220 Servodrive TR-Brushless/300V/MOD/ROD ID-01004 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BRS 5/12-220 Servodrive TR-Brushless/300V/MOD/ROD ID-01000 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
BRS 8/20-220 Servodrive TR-Brushless/300V/MOD/ROD ID-01001 PRIMA / EUROSERVO Legacy
DBK4H00100-0 DBK-Motor/230V/RES/1Nm/1.9A  FM-10874 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4H00100-B DBK-Motor/230V/RES/1Nm/1.9A/HB  FM-10875 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4H00160-0 DBK-Motor/230V/RES/1.6Nm/1.9A  FM-10878 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4H00160-B DBK-Motor/230V/RES/1.6Nm/1.9A/HB  FM-10879 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4N00100-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/1Nm/1.1A  FM-10872 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4N00100-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/1Nm/1.1A/HB  FM-10873 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4N00160-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/1.6Nm/1.1A  FM-10876 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK4N00160-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/1.6Nm/1.1A/HB  FM-10877 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5H00210-0 DBK-Motor/230V/RES/2.1Nm/4A  FM-10882 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5H00210-B DBK-Motor/230V/RES/2.1Nm/4A/HB  FM-10883 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5H00430-0 DBK-Motor/230V/RES/4.3Nm/5A  FM-10886 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5H00430-B DBK-Motor/230V/RES/4.3Nm/5A/HB  FM-10887 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5N00210-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/2.1Nm/1.5A  FM-10880 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5N00210-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/2.1Nm/1.5A/HB  FM-10881 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5N00430-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/4.3Nm/2.9A  FM-10884 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK5N00430-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/4.3Nm/2.9A/HB  FM-10885 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK6N00350-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/3.5Nm/2.8A  FM-10888 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK6N00350-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/3.5Nm/2.8A/HB  FM-10889 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK6N00700-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/7Nm/5A  FM-10890 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK6N00700-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/7Nm/5A/HB  FM-10891 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N00650-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/6.5Nm/4.5A  FM-10892 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N00650-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/6.5Nm/4.5A/HB  FM-10893 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N01200-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/12Nm/7.5A  FM-10894 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N01200-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/12Nm/7.5A/HB  FM-10895 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N01950-0 DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/19.5Nm/11.8A  FM-10896 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBK7N01950-B DBK-Motor/400V/480V/RES/19.5Nm/11.8A/HB  FM-10897 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL1X00010-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/0.1Nm/0.6A/FlyLead  FM-10800 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL1X00010-B Servomotor/230V/RES/0.1Nm/0.6A/FlyLead/HB  FM-10801 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL1X00020-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/0.2Nm/0.93A/FlyLead  FM-10802 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL1X00020-B Servomotor/230V/RES/0.2Nm/0.93A/FlyLead/HB  FM-10803 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00040-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.4Nm/0.93A  FM-10804 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00040-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.4Nm/0.93A/HB  FM-10805 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00060-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.6Nm/1.5A  FM-10806 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00060-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.6Nm/1.5A/HB  FM-10807 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00080-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.8Nm/1.49A  FM-10810 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2H00080-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.8Nm/1.49A/HB  FM-10811 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2M00080-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.8Nm/0.83A  FM-10808 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL2M00080-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.8Nm/0.83A/HB  FM-10809 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00065-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.65Nm/1.08A  FM-10814 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00065-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/0.65Nm/1.08A/HB  FM-10815 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00130-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/1.3Nm/1.75A  FM-10818 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00130-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/1.3Nm/1.75A/HB  FM-10819 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00250-0 Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/2.5Nm/3.0A  FM-10822 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3H00250-B Servomotor/230V/400V/RES/2.5Nm/3.0A/HB  FM-10823 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3M00190-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/1.9Nm/1.5A  FM-10820 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3M00190-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/1.9Nm/1.5A/HB  FM-10821 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00065-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/0.65Nm/0.67A  FM-10812 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00065-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/0.65Nm/0.67A/HB  FM-10813 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00130-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/1.3Nm/1.0A  FM-10816 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00130-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/1.3Nm/1.0A/HB  FM-10817 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00300-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/3.0Nm/2.1A  FM-10824 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL3N00300-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/3.0Nm/2.1A/HB  FM-10825 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00260-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/2.6Nm/3.0A  FM-10828 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00260-B Servomotor/230V/RES/2.6Nm/3.0A/HB  FM-10829 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00530-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/5.3Nm/6.5A  FM-10832 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00530-B Servomotor/230V/RES/5.3Nm/6.5A/HB  FM-10833 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00750-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/7.5Nm/9.3A  FM-10836 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4H00750-B Servomotor/230V/RES/7.5Nm/9.3A/HB  FM-10837 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00260-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/2.6Nm/1.9A  FM-10826 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00260-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/2.6Nm/1.9A/HB  FM-10827 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00530-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/5.3Nm/3.2A  FM-10830 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00530-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/5.3Nm/3.2A/HB  FM-10831 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00750-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/7.5Nm/4.1A  FM-10834 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00750-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/7.5Nm/4.1A/HB  FM-10835 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00950-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/9.5Nm/6.1A  FM-10838 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL4N00950-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/9.5Nm/6.1A/HB  FM-10839 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01050-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/10.5Nm/14.1A  FM-10842 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01050-B Servomotor/230V/RES/10.5Nm/14.1A/HB  FM-10843 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01350-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/13.5Nm/18.6A  FM-10846 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01350-B Servomotor/230V/RES/13.5Nm/18.6A/HB  FM-10847 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01700-0 Servomotor/230V/RES/17Nm/20A  FM-10850 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5H01700-B Servomotor/230V/RES/17Nm/20A/HB  FM-10851 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01050-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/10.5Nm/6.5A  FM-10840 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01050-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/10.5Nm/6.5A/HB  FM-10841 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01350-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/13.5Nm/8.7A  FM-10844 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01350-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/13.5Nm/8.7A/HB  FM-10845 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01700-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/17Nm/10.4A  FM-10848 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N01700-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/17Nm/10.4A/HB  FM-10849 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N02200-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/22Nm/13.7A  FM-10852 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL5N02200-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/22Nm/13.7A/HB  FM-10853 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL6N02200-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/22Nm/15.1A  FM-10854 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL6N02200-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/22Nm/15.1A/HB  FM-10855 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL6N02900-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/29Nm/17.5A  FM-10856 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL6N02900-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/29Nm/17.5A/HB  FM-10857 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N02600-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/26Nm/17A  FM-10858 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N02600-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/26Nm/17A/HB  FM-10859 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N03200-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/32Nm/20A  FM-10860 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N03200-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/32Nm/20A/HB  FM-10861 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N04000-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/40Nm/23.4A  FM-10862 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL7N04000-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/40Nm/23.4A/HB  FM-10863 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8L09300-0 Servomotor/400V/RES/93Nm/34A  FM-10868 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8L09300-B Servomotor/400V/RES/93Nm/34A/HB  FM-10869 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8L11500-0 Servomotor/400V/RES/115Nm/43A  FM-10870 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8L11500-B Servomotor/400V/RES/115Nm/43A/HB  FM-10871 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8N04000-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/40Nm/23A  FM-10864 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8N04000-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/40Nm/23A/HB  FM-10865 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8N06800-0 Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/68Nm/37A  FM-10866 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBL8N06800-B Servomotor/400V/480V/RES/68Nm/37A/HB  FM-10867 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Legacy
DBx Encoder Connector, 17pin  FZ-79182 SEIDEL Legacy
DBx Power Connector, 8pin  FZ-79181 SEIDEL Legacy
DBx Resolver Connector, 12pin  FZ-79180 SEIDEL Legacy
Digifas 7003 Servodrive Digital-Brushless 560V/3A (with OpsPanel)  FD-03000 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7100/7200 BIT-CONNECT Interface  FO-03101 SEIDEL / KOLLMORGEN Obsolete
Digifas 7103 Servodrive 560/3  FD-03010 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7105 Servodrive 560/5  FD-03011 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7108 Servodrive 560/8  FD-03012 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7112 Servodrive 560/12  FD-03013 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7116 Servodrive 560/16  FD-03014 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7133 Servodrive 560/33  FD-03015 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7150 Servodrive 560/50  FD-03016 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7201 Servodrive 560/1  FD-03020 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7202 Servodrive 560/2  FD-03021 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7204 Servodrive 560/4  FD-03022 SEIDEL Obsolete
Digifas 7206 Servodrive 560/6  FD-03024 SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH 0601 ABB AXODYN Servodrive (Seidel 60WKS)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH 1201 ABB AXODYN Servodrive (Seidel 60WKS)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH 2201 ABB AXODYN Servodrive (Seidel 60WKS)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH 2601 ABB AXODYN Servodrive (Seidel 60WKS)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH 5001 ABB AXODYN Servodrive (Seidel 64WKS)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH-E 0601 ABB AXODYN Servodrive + Rack (Seidel 60WKS)   SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH-E 1201 ABB AXODYN Servodrive + Rack (Seidel 60WKS)   SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH-E 2201 ABB AXODYN Servodrive + Rack (Seidel 60WKS)   SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH-E 2601 ABB AXODYN Servodrive + Rack (Seidel 60WKS)   SEIDEL Obsolete
DKH-E 5001 ABB AXODYN Servodrive + Rack (Seidel 64WKS)   SEIDEL Obsolete
DN 8001 ABB AXODYN Power Supply (Seidel 56WK-P)    SEIDEL Obsolete
DN-E 8001 ABB AXODYN Power Supply + Rack (Seidel 56WK-P)    SEIDEL Obsolete
Dynabox 110 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17318 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17320 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17319 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17316 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17336 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17326 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 110 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17346 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17300 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17302 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17301 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17310 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17330 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17320 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 35 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17340 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17303 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17305 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17304 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17311 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17331 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17321 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 45 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17341 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17306 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17308 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17307 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17312 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17332 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17322 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 55 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17342 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17309 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17311 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17310 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17313 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17333 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17323 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 63 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17343 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17312 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17314 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17313 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17314 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17334 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17324 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 75 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17344 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 basic xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17315 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 expert xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17317 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 medium xx-P-xx-BM Precision Worm Gearbox  GG-17316 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 OPT-2P Double Solid Shaft Output  GO-17315 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 OPT-AM Backlash Free Coupling  GO-17335 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 OPT-CF Hollow Shaft Output with Taper Lock  GO-17325 GIRARD Current
Dynabox 90 RED-AP Male Input Shaft / No Flange  GO-17345 GIRARD Current
Dynabox OPT-C Hollow Shaft Output  GO-17300 GIRARD Current
Dynabox OPT-CR Keyed Hollow Shaft Output  GO-17301 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 110 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18336 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 110 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18306 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 35 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18330 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 35 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18300 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 45 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18331 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 45 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18301 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 55 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18332 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 55 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18302 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 63 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18333 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 63 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18303 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 75 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18334 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 75 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18304 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 90 OPT-ADJ Backlash Adjuster  GO-18335 GIRARD Current
Dynaset 90 xx-xx Precision Worm/Wheel Set  GG-18305 GIRARD Current
E110BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17055 GIRARD Obsolete
E110BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17025 GIRARD Obsolete
E110BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17065 GIRARD Obsolete
E110BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17035 GIRARD Obsolete
E110BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17045 GIRARD Obsolete
E110BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17015 GIRARD Obsolete
E35BR-XX-BT-CR-XX-H/F/CF Flange/Tapped/Hollow/Key/Oil GG-17002 GIRARD Obsolete
E35BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF Flange/Tapped/Hollow/Oil GG-17001 GIRARD Obsolete
E35BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17000 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17050 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17020 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17060 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17030 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17040 GIRARD Obsolete
E45BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17010 GIRARD Obsolete
E45VSX-XX-N-P-XX-H Nor/Sol  GG-17210 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17051 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17021 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17061 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17031 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17041 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17011 GIRARD Obsolete
E55BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17011 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17052 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17022 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17062 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17032 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17042 GIRARD Obsolete
E63BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17012 GIRARD Obsolete
E728MGB BAUTZ DC Motor    BAUTZ Obsolete
E75BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17053 GIRARD Obsolete
E75BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17023 GIRARD Obsolete
E75BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17063 GIRARD Obsolete
E75BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17033 GIRARD Obsolete
E75BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17043 GIRARD Obsolete
E75BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17013 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-BL-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Through/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17054 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-BL-P-XX-H Flange/Through/Shaft/Oil GG-17024 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-BT-C-XX-H/F/CF FL/Tapped/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17064 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-BT-P-XX-H Flange/Tapped/Shaft/Oil GG-17034 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-N-C-XX-H/F/CF/S Foot&Feet/Hollow/Oil/Disc&Cov GG-17044 GIRARD Obsolete
E90BR-XX-N-P-XX-H/S Foot/Shaft/Oil incl. Feet GG-17014 GIRARD Obsolete
EcoFlex - LC Bellows Coupling  RK-46399 R+W Current
EK1-010-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48000 R+W Current
EK1-020-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48001 R+W Current
EK1-060-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48002 R+W Current
EK1-150-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48003 R+W Current
EK1-300-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48004 R+W Current
EK1-450-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48005 R+W Current
EK2-020-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48010 R+W Current
EK2-060-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48011 R+W Current
EK2-150-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48012 R+W Current
EK2-300-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48013 R+W Current
EK2-450-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48014 R+W Current
EK6-010-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48030 R+W Current
EK6-020-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48031 R+W Current
EK6-060-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48032 R+W Current
EK6-150-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48033 R+W Current
EK6-300-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48034 R+W Current
EK6-450-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48035 R+W Current
EKH-020-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48040 R+W Current
EKH-060-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48041 R+W Current
EKH-150-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48042 R+W Current
EKH-300-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48043 R+W Current
EKH-450-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48044 R+W Current
EKL-010-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48020 R+W Current
EKL-020-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48021 R+W Current
EKL-060-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48022 R+W Current
EKL-150-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48023 R+W Current
EKL-300-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48024 R+W Current
EKL-450-A Servomax Elastomer Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48025 R+W Current
EKM 112 L-2000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 63.0Nm/3000rpm KM-10011 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 112 M-2000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 40.0Nm/3000rpm KM-10010 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 112 S-2000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 25.0Nm/3000rpm KM-10009 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 56 L-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 2.00Nm/3000rpm KM-10002 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 56 M-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 1.20Nm/3000rpm KM-10001 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 56 S-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 0.75Nm/3000rpm KM-10000 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 71 L-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 6.00Nm/3000rpm KM-10005 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 71 M-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 3.80Nm/3000rpm KM-10004 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 71 S-6000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 2.50Nm/3000rpm KM-10003 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 90 L-4000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 16.0Nm/3000rpm KM-10008 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 90 M-4000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 12.6Nm/3000rpm KM-10007 EUROSERVO Obsolete
EKM 90 S-4000 Servomotor SI-Brushless 7.50Nm/3000rpm KM-10006 EUROSERVO Obsolete
ES-2-010-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48050 R+W Current
ES-2-020-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48051 R+W Current
ES-2-060-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48052 R+W Current
ES-2-150-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48053 R+W Current
ES-2-300-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48054 R+W Current
ES-2-450-A Servomax Elastomer Safety Coupling (98 Shore A)  RK-48055 R+W Current
EZ-2-010-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48060 R+W Current
EZ-2-020-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48061 R+W Current
EZ-2-060-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48062 R+W Current
EZ-2-150-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48063 R+W Current
EZ-2-300-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48064 R+W Current
EZ-2-450-A Servomax Line Shaft (98 Shore A), 1m  RK-48065 R+W Current
F01SMB Motherboard for 01S - Front Mount FZ-64036 SEIDEL Terminated
F03SMB Motherboard for 03S - Front Mount FZ-64042 SEIDEL Terminated
F4KMB Motherboard for 4K(S) - Front Mount FZ-64020 SEIDEL Terminated
F60WKSMB Motherboard for 60WKS - Front Mount FZ-64050 SEIDEL Obsolete
F60WKSMB Motherboard (D-Type loose) for 60WKS - Front Mount FZ-64050-DS SEIDEL Obsolete
F60WKSMB Motherboard for 60WKS - Front Mount  FZ-64050 SEIDEL Obsolete
F64WKSMB Motherboard for 64WKS - Front Mount FZ-64056 SEIDEL Obsolete
F65WKSMB Motherboard for 65WKS - Front Mount FZ-64060 SEIDEL Obsolete
F66WKSMB Motherboard for 66WKS - Front Mount FZ-64065 SEIDEL Terminated
F67WKSMB Motherboard for 67WKS - Front Mount FZ-64070 SEIDEL Terminated
FH 24+7/S Drive Connector for 01S/02S/03S/04S  FZ-79000 SEIDEL Terminated
FH 24+7/WW  MZ-79001 Motor Technology Terminated
GEL 103-1 Counter 12 to 24VDC LC-21000 LENORD + BAUER Terminated
GEL 103-2 Counter 100 to 240VAC LC-21001 LENORD + BAUER Terminated
GEL 104-1 Counter for Incremental Encoders 12 to 24VDC  LC-21070 LENORD + BAUER Terminated
GEL 104-2 Counter for Incremental Encoders 100 to 240VDC  LC-21071 LENORD + BAUER Terminated
GEL 105-1 Counter for Absolute SSI Encoders 12 to 24VDC  LC-21075 LENORD + BAUER Current
GEL 105-2 Counter for Absolute SSI Encoders 100 to 240VDC  LC-21076 LENORD + BAUER Current
GEL 107 Optical Incremental Encoder  LF-84200 LENORD + BAUER Obsolete
GEL 108 Optical Incremental Encoder  LF-84201 LENORD + BAUER Obsolete
GEL 131 Hand Terminal for GEL 8000 LC-30002 LENORD + BAUER Terminated
GEL 152-B0100-L0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 100PPR / 1024 Turns LF-85100 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0100-N0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 100PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85101 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0200-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 200PPR / 512 Turns LF-85102 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0200-N0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 200PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85103 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0250-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 250PPR / 512 Turns LF-85104 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0250-N0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 250PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85105 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0300-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 300PPR / 512 Turns LF-85106 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0300-M0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 300PPR / 2048 Turns LF-85107 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0400-I0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 400PPR / 256 Turns LF-85108 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0400-M0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 400PPR / 2048 Turns LF-85109 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0500-I0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 500PPR / 256 Turns LF-85110 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0500-N0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 500PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85111 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0600-I0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 600PPR / 256 Turns LF-85112 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0600-L0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 600PPR / 1024 Turns LF-85113 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0700-I0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 700PPR / 256 Turns LF-85114 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0700-L0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 700PPR / 1024 Turns LF-85115 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0800-L0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 800PPR / 1024 Turns LF-85116 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B0900-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 900PPR / 512 Turns LF-85117 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B1000-L0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1000PPR / 1024 Turns LF-85118 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B1000-N0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1000PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85119 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B1100-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1100PPR / 512 Turns LF-85120 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B1200-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1200PPR / 512 Turns LF-85121 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-B1300-K0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1300PPR / 512 Turns LF-85122 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152F-00 PC Prog.AbsEncoder GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/CON/OC-Dar LF-85050 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152F-20 PC Prog.AbsEncoder GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/CON/OE-Dar LF-85051 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152F-30 PC Prog.AbsEncoder GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/CON/SSI LF-85052 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G1024-K0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 1024PPR / 512 Turns LF-85123 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G1024-N0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 1024PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85124 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G4096-K0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 4096PPR / 512 Turns LF-85125 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G4096-K69 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 4096PPR / 512 Turns LF-85500 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G4096-N0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 4096PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85126 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G4096-N0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 4096PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85126 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G-4096-N35 Abs.Encoder GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/SSI/-ZERO LF-85010 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-G-4096-N35 Abs.Encoder GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/SSI/-ZERO  LF-85010 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152P-00 Prog. Abs. Encoder Stand. GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/CON LF-85020 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152P-00 Prog. Abs. Encoder Stand. GRAY/4096PPR/4096T/CON LF-85020 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R1024-K0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 512 Turns LF-85127 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R1024-K0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 512 Turns LF-85127 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R1024-N0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85128 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R1024-N0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85128 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R4096-K0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 512 Turns LF-85129 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R4096-K0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 512 Turns LF-85129 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 152-R4096-N0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 4096 Turns LF-85130 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0100-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 100 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85131 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0200-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 200 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85132 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0300-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 300 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85133 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0360-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 360 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85134 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0400-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 400 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85135 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0500-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 500 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85136 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0600-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 600 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85137 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0720-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 720 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85138 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B0800-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 800 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85139 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B1000-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1000 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85140 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B1800-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 1800 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85141 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-B3600-A0 Abs. Encoder BCD / 3600 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85142 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-E0100-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY-EX / 100 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85143 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-E0360-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY-EX / 360 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85144 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-E0720-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY-EX / 720 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85145 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-E1000-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY-EX / 1000 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85146 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-E3600-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY-EX / 3600 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85147 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-G1024-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 1024 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85148 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-G4096-A0 Abs. Encoder GRAY / 4096 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85149 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-G4096-A35 Abs. Encoder GRAY/4096PPR/1Turn/SSI  LF-85007 LENORD + BAUER Legacy
GEL 153-R1024-A0 Abs. Encoder BINARY / 1024 PPR / 1 Turn LF-85150