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Below is an overview of terms and abbreviations often used to describe our products. Click the link to take you to the relevant page.



Typical terms

Product Category

AC Servo Drive


Brushless Servo Drive

DC Servo Drive


Power Amplifier

PWM DC Servo drive

Servo drive

AC Brushless Motor

Brushless Servo Motor

DC Brushless Motor

DC Servo Motor

Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motor

Servo motor

Intelligent Stepper Drives

Micro Stepping Drives

Stepper Drives

Stepper drive

Hybrid Stepper Motor

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor

Stepping Motor

Stepper motor

In-Line Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

Precision Gearbox

Reduction Gearbox

Right-Angled Gearbox

Servo Gearbox

Speed Reducer

Worm Gearbox


Absolute Encoder

Incremental Encoder

Feedback Device

Magnetic Encoder

Multi-turn Encoder

Linear Scale

Optical Encoder

Position Sensor

Rotary Encoder

Single-turn Encoder

Speed Sensor

SSI Encoder


Temposonic Scale

Ultrasonic Absolute


Batch Counter

DRO (Digital Read Out)

Position Display


Stand-Alone Controller

PC based Motion Control Cards (MCC)

Task Controllers for Flying-Saw, Rotating Knife, Winding, Wind/Unwind, CAM, Gearing, Synchronisation, Registration.

Process Controller

Position Controller


Drive Coupling

Elastomer Coupling

Intermediate Shaft

Jaw Coupling

Line Shaft

Linear Coupling

Miniature Coupling

Oldham Coupling

Power Transmission

Safety Coupling

Spider Coupling

Torque limiting


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