Metronix – ARS 2000-FS Series

Metronix - ARS 2000, FS series

The next generation ARS 2000 FS series offers a host of improvements as a direct response to advances in technology, user input and the broadening implementation of servo systems.
 It is the first implementation of the new (3rd generation) hard-ware and firm-ware platform for the ARS 2100 family of servo drives.


• Operation direct-on-line, single-phase 230Vac
• 8 Amps rated 32 Amps peak current
• Integrated CE filters
• Integrated brake chopper, external brake resistance can be connected
Universal encoder Interface
• Wide motor compatibility with automatic motor identification
• Fieldbus support
• Extensive I/O



RS232 (RS485) and CANopen (as per DSP 402) are standard interfaces on the ARS 2000 drives family. In addition the drives feature 2 extension slots, which can be populated with any of the following:

•Ethernet (TCP/IP)
•Sercos II
•DeviceNet (in preparation)
•Additional digital I/O
•Service module (Memory)

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