MiniMAGNUM, Digital Servodrive

The fully digital Mini Magnum compact servodrive from Axor Industries measures just 66 wide x 201 high x 141deep (all in mm) and weights 1.75kg. The Axor Mini Magnum servodrives are suitable for driving AC brushless servomotors with encoder or resolver feedback. These units can operate directly on a single or three phase mains power supply ranging from 110 – 480V AC, depending on the type:

Mini Magnum 230M series

  • single phase 110-230Vac (±10%)
  • range up to 2kVA

 Mini Magnum 230T series

  • three phase 110-230Vac (±10%)
  • range up to 2.4kVA

Mini Magnum 400T series

  • three phase 380-480Vac (±10%)
  • range up to 4.8kVA

The drives come complete with on-board power supply, EMC filter, dump circuit, detachable plug-in terminals for easy installation and the power stage is designed with latest generation of power IGBTs.

Operating Modes

  • ± 10 VDC velocity control or torque control
  • pulse/direction
  • position control
  • encoder follower and
  • PLC function integration.


  • 110÷480 VAC power supply with EMC line filter and in-rush circuit on board
  • Regen circuit with internal power resistor
  • Speeder-One® software interface
  • Parameter setting via keypad or RS232
  • Cable screen connection directly to the front panel
  • Optical isolation between power stage and signals
  • Feedback modes – resolver (2-4-6-8 poles) encoder emulation (sw) – encoder (max 250 KHz) divisible encoder emulation (sw)


  • CAN BUS – CAN V2.0B + RS232 to CAN BUS multidrop
  • CAN OPEN protocol implementations: DS301-V4.02 – DSP402-V2.0
  •  RS 485 interface, Mod Bus-RTU based, max. 230 kbps
  • Encoder and resolver feedback version
  • Increased regen capacity via external resistors
  • Safety Enable Function (according to EN954-1/cat.3)
  • Power-out dynamic brake function (with internal power resistor)
  • HBD Holding Brake Drive Card
  • Switching frequency 16 KHz

Typical applications include conveyors, medical equipment, textiles, packaging and converting machinery, feeders and positioners.

Power ratings