NEW firmware update for TRIO’s Motion Coordinators

TRIO MC outline

Trio have released a new firmware update, version 2.0304 for all Motion Coordinators in the MC4, 5 and 6 ranges apart from the MC464.   What can we expect with the new Firmware 2.0304 update? There has been an optimization of the Uniplay HMI, including new HMI disconnect alerts and a reduction in CPU usage […]

NEW… Motion Perfect v5 from TRIO

‘Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Secure’ Motion Perfect v5 enhances the programming experience for your Motion Coordinator and the upcoming DX4 range of servo drives. New and Improved… • DX4 Servo Drive Support • New Flatter User Interface • Improved Support for Third Party EtherCAT Devices • Enhanced Motion-iX Editor • Updated IEC Editor Component […]

New test and programming unit for sensors has WIFI web interface

Lenord+Bauer has launched a new test and programming unit. The GEL 211 for its GEL 2444x series sensors with sin/cos output 1 Vp/p and reference signal. It is used for easily checking the signals for compliance with adjustable tolerance limits. This includes sin/cos signals (amplitude, offset and phase offset), reference signal (amplitude, offset, position and […]

Have you seen our article on the MACK Tron servo motor inside the latest issue of Industrial Technology magazine?

A new range of ultra-compact servo motors with integrated drives has been launched by Motor Technology. The new Mack-Tron motors, manufactured by Axor Industries, have been designed to satisfy the demands for quick and simple cabling with an excellent performance to size ratio. Ideally suited for decentralised applications, the ultra-compact format allows for installation where […]

New Motion Coordinators run remote servo

New Motion Coordinators run remote servo Trio has launched a new concept in high performance Motion Coordinators dedicated to running remote servo and stepper drives via the EtherCAT real time automation bus. Based on an up-dated version of the 532MHz ARM 11 processor the new MC4N Mini EtherCAT Master is ideal for high axis count […]

Axor’s Mack Drive reduces costs with compact, centralised control

The innovative new MACK drive system, from Axor Industries, reduces cost by sharing the incoming supply across multiple axes, removing the need for filtering, power conversion and regeneration circuitry on individual drives, and reduced processor costs due to centralised control. The MACK system is based on a linked, modular design, with no fixed mechanical connection between the modules. All […]

Ultra-compact servo motor with integrated drive

Mack-Tron motor_drive combo

The Mack-Tron is a custom engineered solution to tackle the demands for smaller and easy to integrate servo motor applications. The ultra-compact format allows for installation where space is at a premium or where the machine design benefits from the motor being out of sight. Despite its compact size the Mack-Tron offers a wide range […]

New right angled planetary gearbox range

Product image

A new range of right-angled planetary gearboxes is now available from Motor Technology for a wide range of industrial applications. Manufactured by Italian firm, Tramec, the TEP range is based on the company’s long established EP range of general purpose planetary gearboxes. Right-angled gearboxes are frequently used where there are space constraints on a machine, […]

Lenord+Bauer Product Overview Brochure

This 40-page brochure from Lenord+Bauer provides detailed technical information on the company’s entire range of products for the following: • Position acquistion • Speed measurement • Rotational speed measurement • Temperature measurement • Open loop control/closed loop control positioning • Adjustment positioning • Acceleration measurement • Mileage acquistion As Lenord+Bauer’s UK agents please do not […]

Legacy products – what to do with them.

Motor Technology has over 30 years of involvement in the servo, motion control and automation industry. As time has moved on so have we, but we haven’t forgotten our past and our valued customers that have called on our know-how and expertise over the years. Part of our team specialises in providing spares, repairs and sourcing […]

ICPE – ACM2n, discontinued Servo Motor still available

We’re supplying the discontinued ACM2n servo motor range We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been appointed by ICPE to provide sales, service and support for its popular ACM2n range of servo motors following news that some suppliers have either discontinued it or are phasing it out slowly. We will now provide the full catalogue range […]

Super Metering Pumps – Fuji-Techno

Super Metering Pumps are precision instruments for feeding liquids accurately, at a pre-determined volume, into a process or system. The accuracy is essential for applications such as micro-reactors and continuous flow reactors. The Fuji-Techno Industries Super Metering Pumps offer precise delivery of liquid without the occurrence of cavitations (pulsation). A specially designed cam box makes […]

KEBA – POWERLINK interface for high performance servo drives

POWERLINK interface concepts for high performance servo  Our ServoOne range of high performance servo drives, manufactured by LTi Motion, are now available with a POWERLINK interface. The high bandwidth of this real-time Industrial Ethernet technology allows for high-performance implementation of centralised control concepts with ServoOne drives over POWERLNK. The high-performance ServoOne drives are available as […]

Axor – MACK goes Miniature

Squeezing a servo drive with 2.5kW continuous rating in to a housing (approx. 58-68cm3 depending on the model) around half the volume of a standard package of cigarettes (approx. 106cm3) is no mean feat, but that is exactly what Axor, Italy, have achieved with the new MackNANO servo drives. Axor’s concept for the MackNANO was […]

Stand alone drives offer low cost option

Stand alone drives offer low cost option We’ve added a new low-cost option to our range of multi-axis MackDRIVE servo drives from Axor Industries. The new MackINDY is a range of servo drives and motors designed for single and low axis count applications where an economic solution is required. The range includes five servo drive […]