FlexSlice Thermocouple module (P367)

The 4 thermocouple inputs are brought out to a single row push-in connector. A second single row push-in connector has 4 relay outputs for control of a heater or other switched load. Datasheet Module current consumption (EBUS 5V) 160mA max Power supply Via EBUS Max. Output Voltage 24V Max. Output Current 100mA Number of Inputs […]

GTF series bevel helical gearboxes with anti-bacterial coating

The “G.H.A.” (Golden Hard Anodizing) treatment is the latest and most innovative technology applicable to aluminum-based alloys surfaces. This is an anodic oxidation process enriched with silver ions which gives the treated surface exceptional antibacterial, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and thermal conductivity properties. The anodic oxidation generates a protective layer of ceramic type, very hard, refractory to heat […]

MicroB plus – panel mount brushless servo drives up to 4kW (MCBP)

Axor’s MicroB® servo amplifiers are ultra compact modules and ideal for incremental motion control, velocity loop and positioning systems which require fast response, high torque at low speed, smooth speed control and high reliability. Power supply from 24 to 200 VDC with output current up to 20 Amps continuous / 40 Amps peak. Tacho-generator, armature, […]

MicroB – panel mount brushless servo drives up to 800W (MCB)

Axor’s MicroB® servo amplifiers are ultra compact modules and ideal for incremental motion control, velocity loop and positioning systems which require fast response, high torque at low speed, smooth speed control and high reliability. Power supply from 24 to 80 VDC with output current up to 10 Amps continuous / 20 Amps peak. Tacho-generator, armature, […]

ROK geared DC motors

Direct coupling between servo motor and worm gear is one of the key strengths of ROK worm gearmotors, which combine DC motor technology with exceptional durability and wear resistance. Motor and gearbox are designed as one single, compact unit. Thanks to their reduced current draw, these gearmotors deliver more accurate control of operating temperature and […]

DSS7 series ProfiNET closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS7xP series stepper motor drives are equipped with PROFINET IO Industrial Ethernet fieldbus and are able to control the motor in Position, Velocity and Torque mode. The digital implementation and the vector control of the motor ensure high performances and efficiency. The IRT communication allows updating of the set points with a cycle time […]

DSS7 series EtherCAT closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS7xE series stepper motor drives are equipped with EtherCAT fieldbus and support the CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT) protocol with CiA DS402 profile.The models with Encoder input allows the motor control in closed-loop, avoiding the step losses’ problems and improving the application performances. The dynamic control of the current allows to limit the motor heating […]

DSS6 series CanBUS closed-loop micro-stepping drive

The DDS6 series drives are realised in full digital technology and are suitable for the driving of two phases stepper motors. They are equipped with a CANopen fieldbus and can control the motor in torque, speed and position with high accuracy. In addition to the digital and analogue I/O they are provided with inputs for […]

DSS1 series closed-loop micro-stepping drive

With the DDS1 series, LAM Technologies redefines the stepper motor drive with pulses control enhancing it with new characteristics and functionalities. It is now possible to eliminate the loss of step, adjust the motor torque, handle the limit switches, control the motor with +/10V reference and have many other features to use the stepper motor […]

Stepper Motors with Encoders

LAM stepper motors are characterized by high torque, compact size and low rotor inertia. Now we can offer the LAM range of NEMA 23 and NEMA 34 stepping motors with integrated encoder. The NEMA 23 size is available with M12 connectors or cable output. The NEMA 34 only with cable exit. The cable can be […]

Target wheels ZA, ZAN, ZAG and ZAZ

Lenord+Bauer have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of precision target wheels, which are suitable for contactless magnetic scanning by magneto-resistive sensor elements (MiniCODERs) for rotational speed detection and position acquisition A reference mark (tooth, flag, groove or gap) is used for generating reference signals. Suitable for attachment to shafts with a shaft […]

GEL 2701, 2710 and 2712</p>multi-channel rotary encoder

The multichannel rotary encoder was specially designed for the requirements of the rail vehicle industry. The rotary encoder was designed such that it supplies independent output signals for different control system electronics such as motor speed sensing, anti-skid protection, train control and rolling distance measurement. Depending on the requirements, up to 8 output channels can […]

GEL 2037 magnetic absolute encoder

The multiturn absolute rotary encoders in the GEL 2037 series provide an unambiguous position value for each angular position with a resolution of up to 25 bits. The magnetic absolute rotary encoder supplies the position values in binary or gray code via a synchronous serial interface (SSI). The encoder housing made of anodised aluminium has […]

GEL 2010 magnetic incremental encoder with stainless steel housing

The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. They have proven themselves in the widest variety of applications the world over, even under the most rugged industrial conditions. And of course, the encoders offer superlative reliability coupled with a long service life Features High resolution up to 1024 pulses Reference […]

GEL 295x customised</p>hollow-shaft precision encoder

The precision encoders GEL 295x are designed as a modular, application-specific encoder system and consist of a housing component and modular sensor systems. All rotary encoders GEL 295x are manufactured to drawing or application description. The series GEL 295x rotary encoders are extremely robust sensors for the measurement of rotary movements or positions on machines […]

GEL 293 hollow-shaft</p>magnetic incremental encoder with current output

The magnetic incremental rotary encoders GEL 293 are based on contactless magnetic scanning of an integrated ferromagnetic precision target wheel. The resilient housing with a flange size of 115 mm is available with radial connector or cable outlet. The integrated flexible hollow shaft coupling of the encoder is mounted on the drive shaft with a […]

GEL 260 magnetic incremental encoder with current output

The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. The sensor’s magnetic field is modulated by the passing of the teeth of the measuring wheel. The resulting sine-cosine voltage is evaluated by the integrated electronic and converted to an incremental output. In addition the encoder can provide a speed dependent analogue […]

GEL 2444M and 2449M MiniCODER with Mitsubishi CNC interface

The MiniCODER GEL 244xM is an incremental rotary encoder with reference signal. It transmits data via a digital serial interface (Mitsubishi High Speed Serial Interface), decodes requests (RQ+/RQ-) received from a control system and then sends back the data requested (Data+/Data-). The MiniCODER can be tested and configured using the testing and programming unit GEL […]

GEL 2311 – Multiturn absolute rotary kit-encoder

The new GEL 2311 kit-encoder acquires the absolute rotor position precisely and can be flexibly adapted to any drive. They comprise a ferromagnetic measuring scale and an electronic scanning unit. They provide the position data via the synchronous-serial interface according to SSI protocol as binary or gray code or using the BiSS protocol. In addition […]

GEL 2449 MiniCODER with SINCOS or DIGITAL output

The measuring system comprises the GEL 2449 MiniCODER sensor element and a precision target wheel for attachment to shafts. Suitable tooth-wheel modules are 0.4 or 1.0 mm. Precision target wheels can be ordered separately. The MiniCODER contactlessly scans the precision target wheel using magneto resistive sensors and acquires the direction of rotation, rotational speed and position of the […]