ROK geared DC motors

Direct coupling between servo motor and worm gear is one of the key strengths of ROK worm gearmotors, which combine DC motor technology with exceptional durability and wear resistance. Motor and gearbox are designed as one single, compact unit. Thanks to their reduced current draw, these gearmotors deliver more accurate control of operating temperature and […]

PENTA direct current servo motors

PENTA is a range of direct-current motors with power, reliability and durability features. Using only top-quality materials, PENTA is ideal for variable-speed handling applications. Available with a wide range of windings, as well as different mechanical configurations and options, PENTA is flexible and adaptable to an extremely wide variety of specific needs. We are a […]

ESA direct current servo motors

An advanced mechanical design and a recognised technology make the ESA servomotor a reliable and durable product , with an optimum dimensional / performance ratio. The ESA range has a high over load capacity and notably linear rotation, even at low speed. A commutator with a high number of blades and a built – in […]

SAX 100 brushed DC Servo motors

SAX DC servo motors with permanent magnets are traditional, easy-to-use, motors that are extremely reliable and efficient. They have a favourable cost to performance ratio and are perfectly designed for use with the Microspeed, Minispeed and Masterspeed Servo Amplifiers and range from 0.045 to 2.7Nm. These servo motors (thanks to their permanent magnets) give high […]