super metering pumps


Industry is placing increasingly higher demands on accuracy, performance, reliability and use-ability of products and systems.

The rate of change means that we need the tools to enable us to develop, test, improve and upscale processes at a fast pace.

New methodology such as continuous flow processing and micro-reactor technology require equipment that gives controllable, re-producible performance.

PULSATION FREE feeding of liquids

HIGH ACCURACY liquid delivery. Discharging accuracy better than ±0.1% throughout a specified flow rate range. More accurate than a flow-meter!

HIGH STABILITY in the delivery of liquids. Super Metering Pumps are capable of maintaining a constant flow rate even with varying discharge pressure.

LOW MAINTENANCE because of high quality manufacturing and materials used.

LONG PERIOD QUALITY PERFORMANCE as there is little abrasion of the valve ball and valve seat.

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY which combines the benefits of triple plunger arrangement with a special designed cam drive. This ensures SMP capability to provide highest accuracy and stability of flow under varying discharge rates.



Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing

Urethane and other resins



Food processing


Spraying and coating applications


Line mixing for liquids

Feed for extruders

Water treatment