Lenord + Bauer – GEL 2444-P MiniCoder plus programmable sensor

Reliability and efficiency characterise modern machines. A continuous, trouble- free operation requires compliance with the technical limits of the equipment. Cases where premature wear causes overloading of the machine are often a point of contention.

Machinery manufacturers demand proof. The new MiniCODER plus meets this requirement. As standard it records the operating hours in seven adjustable speed ranges, so you can quickly clarify the operating conditions of the machine.

Also during commissioning it offers distinct advantages. With the aid of the service tool GEL 210 the MiniCODER plus can be calibrated, programmed and tested easily, without opening the spindle via the WIFI, web enabled, interface. This aids the correct and quick installation and set-up of the MiniCODER.

The MiniCoder plus provides sinusoidal differential signals of 1 Vp/p. It is compatible with all previous versions thanks to the proven stepped design, the signal pattern and the additional functionalities. You can implement the new MniCODER on your machine without changes in the construction.



  • The service tool simplifies adjustment and diagnosis. This reduces costs during assembly and to maintain quality.


  • The MiniCODER plus is tolerant to mechanical influences and electrical interference. This ensures reliable operation.

Data available at any time

  • The integrated operating time counter records the load of the machine in seven speed ranges. Thus, maintenance intervals can be planned.



GEL 2444 K (Programmable)
MiniCODER plus
Speed sensor with Sin/Cos-Output
Magnetic measuring system with high resolution
With operating time counter
Safety integrated certified

GEL 211
Test and programming device
Service tool to complement
Wireless communication (WIFI)
Parameter check for MiniCODER, target wheels
Fine tuning of MiniCODER parameters