Mack-Tron motor_drive combo

Ultra-compact servo motor with integrated drive

Ultra-compact servo motor with integrated drive

The Mack-Tron is a custom engineered solution to tackle the demands for smaller and easy to integrate servo motor applications. The ultra-compact format allows for installation where space is at a premium or where the machine design benefits from the motor being out of sight.

Despite its compact size the Mack-Tron offers a wide range of features, such as:

  • Hybrid cable for power and signal connections
  • 8 pole motors up to 400W
  • Mack Serial Encoder, single or multiturn absolute
  • STO Safe Torque Off
  • 3 Digital inputs (programmable)

To further enhance its usability, particularly in decentralised applications, the Mack-Tron offers several control modes including CANopen and EtherCAT fieldbus, Modbus-RTU serial communication and Digital Positioning.

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