Metronix – DIS 2-48/10, decentralised servo drive

Metronix - DIS 2-48/10, decentralised servo drive

The DIS-2 48/10 is a fully digital AC servo controller for three-phase synchronous and PM DC motors with a supply voltage of 24..48 V DC.
The DIS-2 is optimally suitable for the decentralized employment. It can be mounted directly to the terminal block of the motor or used as a stand alone unit.
There are a number of operating modes to choose from: torque, speed or position control.
Programming and diagnosis are possible via an RS232 or CAN bus interface. The parameterisation program “DIS-2 ServoCommander™” can be used to quickly, easily and comfortably parameterise the DIS-2.

Standard Features 

• Compact design with one PCB
• Direct mounting on the motor
• 24..48 V DC, 15 A rated current 40 A maximum current
• High enclosure class up to IP67 when mounted
• Housing temperature up to +70°C
• Encoder evaluation: Resolver, digital and analogue hall sensors, SinCos encoder with HIPERFACE (incremental encoder feedback in preparation)
• Interfaces: RS 232, CAN bus, additional extension slot e.g. PROFIBUS
• Integrated CAN-Bus interface with DSP402


• 24V 4.5Nm holding brake (spring applied)
• Stegmann SRM50 absolute encoder, multi-turn • Stegmann SRS50 absolute encoder, single-turn
• Renco R35i incremental encoder with commutation tracks. Following PPR’s are available: 1000,1024, 2048, 4000, 4096, 8192 ppr

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