ROK geared DC motors

Direct coupling between servo motor and worm gear is one of the key strengths of ROK worm gearmotors, which combine DC motor technology with exceptional durability and wear resistance.

Motor and gearbox are designed as one single, compact unit. Thanks to their reduced current draw, these gearmotors deliver more accurate control of operating temperature and higher efficiency.

Featuring a case-hardened and ground profile worm screw installed straight on the drive shaft and an extremely silent, high-efficiency bronze-tin ring gear.

Use of high quality materials plus direct coupling, which does away with flanges, bearings and oil seal, has allowed a highly efficient configuration to be obtained.

  • 45 W to 250 W rated output power
  • Gearbox centre-centre size 31 mm and 33 mm
  • Aluminium gearbox casing
  • Case-hardened, tempered and ground worm
  • High tin bronze worm gear
  • Steel shaft planetary gearboxes
  • Case-hardened and tempered steel gears
  • Low noise
  • Range of coupling flanges
  • CE certified