Motor Power Company – SKA direct drive rotary motors

Due to the modular approach in the motor construction, the SKAddr motors can be tailored to your exact needs, whether you are a volume OEM or a small, special purpose machine builder. An unmatched choice of construction formats makes it easy to select the motor perfect for the application.

The SKAddr motors are available in a number of formats:

  • frameless (comprising rotor and housed stator)
  • power pack (fitted with a hollow or solid output shaft, front and end bearings, and optional feedback device)

The SKAddr range covers five frame sizes:

  • DDR090 – 110mm external diameter, up to 4.3Nm stall torque
  • DDR148 – 180mm external diameter, up to 23.3Nm stall torque
  • DDR245 – 290mm external diameter, up to 109Nm stall torque
  • DDR335 – 390mm external diameter, up to 300Nm stall torque
  • DDR430 – 470mm external diameter, up to 770Nm stall torque