What are you looking for from a supplier? There are many companies that will offer you product, with no understanding of what it is they are selling. Box shifters. The likes of Amazon and eBay are well know examples, but there are a lot of sourcing and logistics companies that are supplying technical products with no understanding of their purpose or function.

We full appreciate that may be all you want, and maybe we are not the partner for you on this occasion. With over 35 years of experience in the servo, motion control and automation industry we stand by the product we sell and support. We are committed to supplying product that meets our customers needs and will provide reliable and hassle free operation for years.

We offer a wide range of services to assist customers at every level:

  • sales and application support
  • system build
  • training
  • sourcing
  • servicing and repairs
  • fast delivery


sales and application support

Motor Technology’s engineers are trained by the manufacturers and have years of experience in industry. They’ll help to solve your automation problems, assist in the selection of the right product specifications to meet your requirements and most importantly of all, they’re always available to provide technical support when you need it.

Our commitment to customer support doesn’t end once equipment has been dispatched or installed. Motor Technology’s engineers can be contacted by phone, fax, mail or e-mail for assistance.


fast delivery

Extensive stocks are held by Motor Technology and its suppliers. This allows us to meet most requirements for controllers, drives + motors, encoders, gearboxes and couplings on short delivery. In addition we can service call-off orders even on smaller quantities to ensure you get the product when you need it. Please give us a call if you are experiencing delivery problems with your current equipment.


In house training
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We believe that training should be tailored to the customer's needs to provide the maximum effectiveness. We can carry out training in house utilising our vast range of motion control solutions and our 35 years of industry knowledge.
At your site
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We and also provide training at your site if this would be more beneficial to you and your team. This is an ideal option for workforces of 5 or more.
What do we cover?
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Specific applications

Specific products

Software, firmware & hardware

Application programming

Maintenance & fault finding

General servo & automation concepts

ExperienceOver 35 years in the industry
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We have been involved in servo and motion control applications since 1985 and built up extensive knowledge on the drives, motors and controls industry.

SuppliersAccess to a wide range of products
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There are many products on the market that are brand-labeled. A lot of resellers will have limited experience of this. We are a agent, distributor and value added reseller. We won't sell you something we don't know.
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We not only supply and support products from our extensive range, but we can

also source products outside of our specified range for you.

As a trusted and widely known motion control company we can guarantee that

we can take the hassle out of finding the product you need.

Cant find it?
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If you are struggling to find a particular component, don't hesitate to contact us

and we will do our best to assist you.

Scroll down to our Quick Query section now.

or check out our technical answers and tips selection...we may have the

solution you need here.


System Build

Full System Builds
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We believe in providing customers with the services they require and, within

our remit of experience and expertise, we can provide full system build,

encompassing the design, build, and programming of complete turn-key

drive and control packages.

Repair & Service
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It is important to have an experienced, competent repair and service partner you can call on if equipment should fail.

Look no further as Motec is here to assist you.

Send us a quick email describing your needs.

We can repair
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Your damaged servo drives

                              Motion control repairs

Servo drives
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Our experienced engineers test, re-program, upgrade, repair and maintain the


60WKS | 65WKS | 66WKS | 67WKS | 01S | 02S | 03S | 04S | 4K | 4KS Series Seidel

Digifas 7100 | Digifas 7200 series Seidel

Servostar 600 series from Kollmorgen-Seidel
Servo motors
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Our experienced engineers test, re-program, upgrade, repair and maintain the following:

SM 35 | SM 45 | SM 56 | SM 71 & SM 100 series from Fritz A. Seidel

6SM | 45SM | 56SM | 71SM & 100SM series from Fritz A. Seidel

27SM | 37SM | 47SM | 57SM & 77SM series from Fritz A. Seidel

DBL and DBK series from Kollmorgen

SBL and SBK series from SMB

Motion Controllers
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Our experienced engineers test, re-program, upgrade, repair and maintain the following:

GEN 3 & Orion series from Ormec

GEL 7100 | GEL 7500 | GEL 7600 | GEL 7700 & GEL 7800 series from Lenord+Bauer

EcoController (GEL 8100) from Lenord+Bauer

GEL 8300 & GEL 8600 series from Lenord+Bauer

Do you have a query or an application you want to discuss?