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We know how complex servo and motion control technology can sometimes be and so to demystify the subject and answer some of your trickier and unanswered questions, we’re launching a series of short and simple articles as part of out new Technical Answers feature.

As one of our valued partners we’d like to invite you to submit any question you may have that you would like to see explained in a clear and easy to understand way. If we think that your question might be of interest to other engineers involved in automation and motion control, we’ll feature it in our new Technical Answers series and you’ll get a free gift*.

It might even get published in an engineering magazine!
We’ll answer all the questions we receive and we’ll notify you if we’ve chosen your question to feature in one of our published articles.

Click here to submit your question. We look forward to hearing from you.

* A pen with super powers will be sent as a thank you to any technical questions that we feature. Not only can the stylish new Motor Technology pen write in two colours, it also has a built in laser pointer and powerful torch. We think It’s tons more useful than Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver any day!