NEW firmware update for TRIO’s Motion Coordinators

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Trio have released the new version 2.0304 for all Motion Coordinators in the MC4, 5 and 6 ranges apart from the MC464.



Firmware 2.0304 includes:

Optimization of the Uniplay HMI including new HMI disconnect alerts and a reduction in CPU usage when the HMI process is running.

Improved debug with the FLASH_LOG function with timestamped events stored for review. A new option allows the display of only the last ‘n’ entries in the log and there is optimized recording of high system load events. Motion Perfect connections are also now recorded in the log.

New for EtherCAT is built-in support for Panasonic A6 multi-axis drives and new selections for the range of RTA Stepper drives. Multiple axis group support has been improved so that axes can be isolated from the main error management responses and allow axes to recover from errors without affecting the whole machine.

New IEC61131-3 function TC_WA(milliseconds) can support task delays and the firmware now supports PLC-Open for the higher specification Motion Coordinators.

RPS improvements include the STOP_ROBOT command for use within robot programs.



All Motion Coordinators are field-upgradable using Motion Perfect. The new firmware can be obtained from the Trio website and installed in the Motion Coordinator over Ethernet. Users and machine manufacturers are responsible for confirming the suitability of the new firmware for their application.