GEL 248 – 2-channel speed sensor

The GEL 248 is a speed sensor with HTL-/TTL-output signals. Boasting easy maintenance and wear-free operation due to contactless measurement of rotational movements. Ideal for working with tooth wheels, slotted discs, and sprockets. Technical data  GEL 248 Signal pattern V, X T Fields of application Rail vehicles, mobile machines Supply voltage 10 to 30 V DC (HTL) […]

GEL 247 – 1 or 2-channel speed sensor

The GEL 247 is a 1 or 2 channel application approved speed sensor based on magnetic measurement principle which has maintenance- and wear-free operation due to a contactless measurement of rotation. The speed sensor has scans measuring scales made of ferromagnetic materials, e.g. toothed wheels and has a side measuring range for safe detection of slow […]

GEL 2444T- 2444K – 2444D MiniCoder with TTL or SINCOS output

The GEL 2444 MiniCODERs are available in three variants, the GEL 2444-T sensor that generates a square wave output, the GEL 2444-K sensor that generates a sine wave output and the GEL 2444-D that generates square wave output and a rotational speed histogram. The output signals are generated from teeth on a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel passing […]

GEL 2800 – Absolute rotary kit-encoder

The measuring unit comprises a magnetic sensor that provides an absolute single-turn position output based on the rotation of a ferromagnetic measuring wheel. Typically the tooth-wheel is mounted directly on the drive shaft. The GEL 2800 provides unambiguous position values at any angular position via an SSI or BISS interface. There is also an incremental […]

GEL 235 magnetic absolute encoder

The outstanding performance figures and robust construction makes the absolute rotary encoder GEL 235 superior to both conventional encoders and optical systems. Using an innovative technique that reinterprets the familiar Vernier principle, the GEL 235 is able to achieve unprecedented precision. Reliable The GEL 235 absolute rotary encoder operates utterly reliably even under the harshest […]

GEL 207, 208, 209 and 219

magnetic incremental encoders

The encoders contain a contact-less magnetic sensor system and a precision toothed wheel. The sensor’s magnetic field is modulated by the passing of the teeth of the measuring wheel. The resulting sine-cosine voltage is evaluated by the integrated electronic and converted to an incremental output. The GEL 209 is suitable for shaft loads up to […]

GEL 2432 – MiniCODER with SINCOS and TTL signals

The GEL 2432 MiniCoder is a sensor element that generates a sin/cos or square-wave output from a ferro-magnetic tooth-wheel or measuring rod. High resolution can also be provided by internal interpolation of square-wave signal. Rotary and linear motion can be detected and applications include registering movement of piston rods on diescasting machines, contactless measurement of […]

GEL 8240 MotionPLC

With the GEL 8240 cam-plate controller we have combined the Control Panel with the PLC to form a multifunctional compact control for a great variety of uses. Lenord + Bauer GEL 8240 motion PLC The Motion PLC combines a cam-plate controller, Control Panel, PLC and numerous inputs / outputs to a powerful automation unit. GEL […]

New test and programming unit for sensors has WIFI web interface

Lenord+Bauer has launched a new test and programming unit. The GEL 211 for its GEL 2444x series sensors with sin/cos output 1 Vp/p and reference signal. It is used for easily checking the signals for compliance with adjustable tolerance limits. This includes sin/cos signals (amplitude, offset and phase offset), reference signal (amplitude, offset, position and […]

Lenord+Bauer Product Overview Brochure

This 40-page brochure from Lenord+Bauer provides detailed technical information on the company’s entire range of products for the following: • Position acquistion • Speed measurement • Rotational speed measurement • Temperature measurement • Open loop control/closed loop control positioning • Adjustment positioning • Acceleration measurement • Mileage acquistion As Lenord+Bauer’s UK agents please do not […]

GEL 211 B – Test and programming device for SinCos MiniCODERs

The Gel 211B test and programming device performs simple data analysis whilst compiling reports and recording data. This device can be set to provide a full diagnosis of the MiniCODERs activity. The universal WLAN connection is independent of the operating system, making it easier to display on mobile terminals such as a tablet or PC. […]