Motion Control
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Motion controllers, PLCs, PC based control and intelligent drives all vie to be at the heart of the machine, each with pros and cons. Motion controllers are most suited to applications where the "motion" is critical. Position, velocity and/or torque of the machine axes are controlled using devices such as electric motors, hydraulic or linear actuators. Motion controllers provide the platform to manage complex motions, sychronise axes, interface between operator and machine, amongst other tasks.
Drive Electronics
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The drive electronics, also referred to as amplifiers or controllers, are the power unit in a drive system or application. Taking into consideration factors such as speed, accuracy, size, dynamics, environment etc will determine what technology is best suited to your requirement.
At Motor Technology we specialise in:
- Digital, direct-on-line servo drives for brushless rotary and linear servo motors
- Servo drives for brushed DC permanent magnet servo motors
- Analogue servo drives for brushless servo motors
- Stepper motor drives
Electric Motors
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An electric motor uses electrical energy, typically supplied by the associated drive electronics, to produce mechanical energy, through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. Electric motors are found in applications as diverse as industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, and disk drives. They may be powered by direct current (e.g. a battery powered portable device or motor vehicle) or by alternating current from a central electrical distribution grid.
Power Transmission
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Power Transmission components provide the link between the driving element, typically a motor, and the load. These comprise rack & pinion systems, belts & pulleys, gearboxes, couplings, torque limiters and the like.
Mechanical Actuators
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We can offer various linear axes for dynamic response and speed, precision and powerful movement. Toothed belt drives, spindle drives with recirculating ball bearing guide and innovative ball chains provide the appropriate technology for each requirement. There are many possibilities for cantilever axis functions with special cantilever axes and slides or handling units.
Super Metering Pumps
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The HYM series super metering pumps (SMP) offer a solution for accurate pumping and dosing applications for laboratory trials, small batch production and specialist requirements. The HYM series super metering pumps (SMP) offer a solution for accurate pumping and dosing applications for laboratory trials, small batch production and specialist requirements. The HYS-B, C and D series SMPs provide flow rates from around 1L/min up to 15.8L/min, 35.6L/min and 117.8L/min respectively at discharge pressures up to 147Bar.
Portable Units
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Typically Metering pumps offer accuracy in the region of ±1% however Fuji Techno's innovative Super Metering Pumps (SMPs) significantly improve the performance, with astonishing pumping accuracy of ±0.1% or less! Not only that, but because of their unique design, they produce no pulsations in the flow of liquid. No other pump is able to match the accuracy and performance of the SMP and for those applications and processes that require this ultra-high level of accuracy and control, the SMPs are quite literally in a class of their own.
Pump Drive Assembly
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The PDA comprises a HY series pump mounted on a base plate with the driving elements including a gearbox, servo motor and coupling. The servo drive is typically supplied loose for integration into the local control panel. The PDA can be supplied with pre-confectioned cable sets and the software commissioning tools for the servo drive.
Pump Turnkey Systems
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At Motor Technology we believe in providing customers with the services they require and, within our remit of experience and expertise, we can provide full system build, encompassing the design, build, and programming of complete turn-key drive and control packages. We'll even be on-site when you switch on for the first time to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Ancillary Components
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Fuji-Techno's HY series Super Metering Pumps (SMP) can be fitted with a wide range of options and anciliary equipment.

Options include:
Gas purge fittings (PG)
Washing system / liquid purge fittings (PL)
Drainage system (MK)
Heating and cooling jackets (JK)
Speed & Position Sensors
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sensors are contact-free and equipped with a magnetic scanning system which, in conjunction with a toothed wheel as a measuring scale, permit the measurement of rotary motion. This solution is exceptionally space-saving. For the measurement of linear motion, a pitch structure in a piston rod can also be detected by a suitably configured MiniCoder.
Rail Sensors
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The encoders have been designed to provide independent output signals for different control electronics such as motor speed control, wheel slide protection, automatic train protection, distance evaluation or to provide redundant signals for safety requirements. The encoders operate on the magnetic measuring principle and are of a robust construction making them suitable to the rigors of use on rail vehicles. They are resistant to adverse conditions such as the ingress of dirt, oil or moisture or by condensation due to temperature changes.
Incremental Encoders
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Incremental encoders provide a simple pulse output in relation to the movement of the sensor element across the initiator. In the case of Lenord+Bauer's magnetic measuring principle the initiator is a fero-magnetic tooth wheel.
Absolute Encoders
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Absolute encoders provide an 'actual' position value, derived from the orientation of the encoder shaft in respect to the sensor element. This is achieved by coding the disc attached to the encoder shaft. The code pattern can be evaluated and so the position is obtained. In the case of Lenord+Bauer's magnetic measuring principle the initiator is a fero-magnetic disc integrated in the encoder.

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