Motor Technology has been providing solutions to servo, motion control and automation problems across industry since 1985. We can assist with specifying a single coupling, sizing a drive axis or designing a complete turnkey control system.

Our range of products includes:

  • Brushless servo drives and motors
  • Brushed servo drives and motors
  • Digital and analogue servo drives
  • Stepper drives and motors
  • Linear and rotary direct drive motors
  • Stand-alone motion controllers
  • Motion control cards
  • Precision planetary and worm gearboxes
  • Precision metal bellows and elastomer couplings
  • Magnetic incremental and absolute encoders
  • Mechanical belt and ball-screw driven actuators
  • Super metering pumps
Girard Transmission

Girard – DynaSET worm-wheel sets

Girard – DynaSET worm-wheel sets DynaSET worm-wheel sets can be specified for OEM applications where a complete gearbox is not desirable, either on technical or

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Axor – MACK Uni NANO

MACK Uni NANO AXOR’s Mack UniNANO (MKUN) builds on the Mack NANO platform and adds drive is an ulta compact, multi-function module for DC powered

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Axor – MACK Indy

Axor – MACK Indy Unlike the MACK DRIVE multi-axis servo drive range, the AXOR’s MACK INDY is designed with low axis count applications in mind.

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Axor – MACK Drive + Power

MACK Drive + Power The MACK system is based on a linked, modular design, with no fixed mechanical connection between the modules. All connections are

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worm gearbox

Girard – DynaBOX, worm gearbox

Girard DynaBOX Worm Gearbox DynaBOX gearboxes have prooven themselves in servo motor applications over decades. The worm-wheel sets are designed specifically for precise, dynamic motion

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