Fuji Techno are innovators in the area of pumps and offer, amongst other products, a range of internationally patented non-pulsation Super Metering pumps.

Their extraordinary level of technology is represented in a lot of Japan’s industrial universities and  laboratories and has led to growing praise in the research and development cummunity.

Fuji Techno’s hard-working  and supportive staff are some the best qualities of their company. 70% of their applicants have a minimum of a junior college degree and are beginning their doctorate degrees from nationally noted and private universities. With employees who have high-school level education, after acquainting them with the the company Fuji Techno utilize their inherent  knowledge, skills, and specialties to help continue supporting their company’s expansion.

Their company’s goal is expansion, but they also want to make sure that they fully satisfy their customers needs by offering quality service and products and they hope to continue this goal as they establish themselves as a global niche.