Solving problems has always been at the centre of our endeavours for over 30 years and to be able to accomplish that you need the right products.
At the heart of all our products lie quality, performance and adaptability. The variety of products allows us to tailor bespoke solutions from standard products.
Our product range includes motion controllers, a wide range of servo, stepper and positioning drives, AC, DC, servo and stepper motors, precision gearboxes and couplings, absolute and incremental magnetic encoders and kit encoders, rotary and linear actuators, and high precision pumps.
Our products are selected for their functionality, reliability in operation and ease of use. Product performance is key to any successful automation application. Benefits can be had by evaluating the various technologies available. 

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Our product categories are:

We provide a range of motion control platforms to suit a wide variety of applications:

  • Stand-alone motion controllers for 1 to 128 axis
  • Motion control cards for PCI, RS232, RS485, Modbus and Ethernet
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, Sercos servo drive link
  • Factory Communication via ProfiBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus, ProfiNET, etc.
  • Operator interfaces, I/O expansion and software tools

The drive electronics, also referred to as amplifiers or controllers, are the power unit in a drive system or application. Taking into consideration factors such as speed, accuracy, size, dynamics, environment etc will determine what technology is best suited to your requirement. At Motor Technology we specialise in:

  • Digital, direct-on-line servo drives for brushless rotary and linear servo motors
  • Servo drives for brushed DC permanent magnet servo motors
  • Analogue servo drives for brushless servo motors
  • Stepper motor drives

Electric motors may be classified by the source of electric power, by their internal construction, by their application or by the type of motion they give. At Motor Technology specialises in the following types of motors:

  • brushless AC servo motors
  • permanent magnet DC servo motors
  • stepper motors
  • linear and rotary direct drive motors

We offer a range of robust, industry proven feedback devices which are suitable for a wide range of rotary and linear position sensing applications. The encoders and sensors all work on a magneto resistive principle and are available in following formats:

  • rotary incremental
  • rotary absolute
  • linear incremental position sensors in kit form 
  • rotary speed and position sensors in kit form
  • rotary sensors for high-speed spindle applications

Power Transmission components provide the link between the driving element, typically a motor, and the load. We offer a range of gearboxes and couplings covering:

  • General purpose and servo in-line planetary gearboxes
  • Precision servo worm gearboxes and worm-wheel sets
  • Metal bellows couplings
  • Elastomer couplings
  • Safety couplings
  • Line-shafts and linear couplings

We can offer various linear axes for dynamic response and speed, precision and powerful movement. Our actuators can be supplied fully configured with suitable stepper or servo motors and the respective drive units:

  • belt and ball-screw driven actuators
  • gantry and cantilever axes
  • linear motors
  • rotary and linear positioners
  • mechatronic solutions

Super Metering Pumps (SMP) are precision instruments for feeding liquids accurately, at pre-determined volume, into a process or system. The accuracy is essential for applications such as micro-reactors and continuous flow reactors. The Fuji-Techno Industries SMPs offer precise delivery of liquid without the occurrence of cavitations (pulsation). The range:

  • lab and production scale pumps
  • metal and metal-free versions
  • options include purge and washing systems, heating and cooling jackets
  • Pump Drive Assemblies (PDA) and Pump Turn-key Systems (PTS)

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