AXOR’s Mack UniNANO (MKUN) builds on the Mack NANO platform and adds drive is an ulta compact, multi-function module for DC powered applications up to 2.5kW. Supply voltage is from 12 to 140 V and drive output is up to 35 Amps continuous, 70 Amps peak.

Axor’s state of the art technology in electronics, design and engineering has produced an ultra compact drive unit, packed with features that will change the market’s view of automation. Ultra compact dimensions open the horizon to a multitude of new application concepts.

Standard Features 

• Can BUS
• ModBus-RTU, RS 485 Interface
• Over/Undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent and I2t monitoring



• Stepper Motor Control (for case A only)
• EtherCAT
• Safe Torque Off
• Dumping Circuit

Technical Data

Operating frequency 8kHz (default), 16kHz and 24kHz (with derating)
• Current loop update rate 8KHz
• Position & Velocity update rate 4KHz
• Over/Undervoltage, overtemperature, overcurrent and I2t monitoring
• Protection rating to IP20


• Printing and Packaging Machines
• Textile and Sewing Machines
• Coding Machines
• Conveyors
• Machine Tools and CNC axis control
• AGV Battery operated Machines
• Upgrade replacement for stepper system
• Jewellery Machines
• Actuators
• Door operators
• Antenna positioners

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